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Solutions based New Zealand supplier, Richard Harris drives his passion for quantifiable and long term/sustainable sports growth and in 2018 he developed BodyIQ.

Focusing upon athlete and sports recovery he has collaborated with a handful of global players which also focuses on sports load management (injury prevention) and recovery.  With an interest in sports compression BodyIQ went onto investigate and develop there own 'sports compression' items in 2019 (see our shop).

Compression technology assists your bodies natural healing process by enhancing blood flow to your muscles to facilitate cellular repair, boosting lymphatic drainage and mobilizing waste products. 

We also collaborate with global brands such as Athlete Monitoring (Fitstats Technologies), Evolt360 (Body composition) and SPT (Sports Performance Tracking), bringing their products to our New Zealand and Australian markets.


                "The best of today will be bettered tomorrow"

                                 Richard Harris - Improver


What is Body IQ Recovery Compression?

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Ready to Perform ?

Muscle soreness is the result of several factors - but ultimately excess demands of physical exertion. Active massage - the movement of blood and manipulation of stiff muscles helps remove lactic acid (blood circulation) and release muscle tightness.

Give Yourself a Recovery Advantage ..

Proper recovery is a foundation for performance. Anything less and the potential for injury is increased. The Body IQ Recovery System is based on applied air compression. During intense exercise - lactic acid accumulates in the muscles. The sooner we can remove this metabolic waste the sooner we can recover to perform additional exercise.

Who is using Recovery Compression  ?

From elite high-performance sportsmen/women through to the weekend warrior, anyone who is serious about pushing boundaries and managing recovery. Best for lower limb endurance sports (endurance running, cycling and triathlon) through to team sports (football, rugby, hockey and netball). Any sport where high load volumes and competition phases (tournaments) demand extra consideration to recovery.

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How does the BODY IQ Compression Work ?

Our Recovery System works through a menu of 6 cycles. Air is pumped at selected pressures into the available chambers (depending on which model of System you have: either 4 or 6). The intermittent cycling of the different chambers will move blood, improve venous circulation and hence toxic waste (Lactic Acid). The user can adjust the programme on the fly - increase/decrease pressure and change duration.