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Purchased the Body IQ Compression set in June 2019:

“As the years advance and life becomes busier, I find I still strive to compete at my highest level. High intensity and then recovery are both valid components of maximising my output and mitigating injury. I really enjoy the gentle massage and compression that the Body IQ Recovery Compression system offers post exercise. It definitely reduces stiffness the following day. Well and truly worth the investment”. 

Ryan Kerr Bell – Amateur but highly competitive weekend warrior, football player, Police Officer, father and mentor to 2 young children..

Purchased the Body IQ Compression set in October 2019:

“I like to think I play a competitive level in squash. Playing tournaments, it takes a massive amount of energy and a subsequent fatigue toll on my body. Using the compression sleeves gives me good relief as a passive recovery strategy. I need every little bit of help I can get!”.  

Felipe Rapucci (competitive squash player), Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

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